Read the passage below and choose one correct answer for each question:

         We had the marathon today. A dozen of us sped off. People stood on the streets, cheering us on. It was like we were in the Olympics. Peter was ahead of me. So was Owen. Then I shot off. I was racing ahead. My legs were going faster than the rest of me. I sped off onto the main road and kept running past other runners until there was only Peter left in front of me. On and on, I ran. My legs and lungs were hurting but I couldn't stop. Just outside the town, I ran past Peter. A minute later, I was declared the winner of the marathon. Everyone cheered and clapped. It was hot. I was perspiring. I could hardly breathe but it didn't matter. I felt like a hero.


1. How many students took part in the marathon?
A. There were many students.                  B. There were a few.
C. There were ten.                                    D. There were twelve.

2. At first the writer ran ___________.
A. very fast
B. very slowly
C. as quickly as his friend, Peter
D. more slowly than his friends, Peter and Owen

3. After a long distance of running, he felt _________ .
A. very strong              B. very tired                  C. very excited                D. happy

4. He ran past over Peter _______________ .
A. after some minutes
B. outside of the town
C. inside the town
D. after a minute

5. He was declared _________________.
A. the hero of the marathon
B. the winner of the marathon
C. the strongest of the marathon
D. the healthy man of the marathon





1. D                2. D                     3. B                       4. B                     5. B


1. D                2. D                     3. B                       4. A                     5. B


1. D                2. D                     3. C                       4. B                     5. B


1. D                2. A                     3. B                       4. B                     5. B

Đáp án và lời giải
Đáp án:A
Lời giải:

1. There were twelve.                

2. more slowly than his friends, Peter and Owen                     

3. very tired                       

4. outside of the town                     

5. the winner of the marathon

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