Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate to the word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks from 1 to 5:

 The final stage before adulthood is adolescence. This is a period of transition for teenagers and there are many crucial milestones. Socially and emotionally, teens worry that they may not be developing at the same rate (1)_______ their peers. They become extremely self-conscious and may be sensitive about their appearance. Teens may rebel (2) ________ their parents but are also more able to accept the consequences of their actions. This is also a period of enormous physical changes and adolescent experience changes in their physical development at a rate unparalleled since infancy. These changes include significant gains in height and weight. Within a year, boys and girls can gain an (3)_________ of 4.1 inches and 3.5 inches repectively. This growth spurt typically 2 years earlier for girls than for boys and can tend to make both sexes go through a clumsy phase. (4)_________ their cognitive development, adolescents have greater reasoning skills and have developed the ability to think logically and hypothetically. They are also able to discuss more abstract concepts. They should also have (5)__________strategies to help them study.

Question 2:


A: to


B: against


C: for


D: with

Đáp án và lời giải
Đáp án:B
Lời giải:

Đáp án B

Giải thích: to rebel against s.o = to protest against s.o : chống đối lại ai  

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