Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:

          When you think of a language, you probably think of speaking and writing. There is, (1)________, another kind of language - a sign one. It is (2)________ body language. People speak body language by the (3)_________ they sit, stand, look, and walk, (4)________ saying a word.
          Some body language is the (5)__________ all over the world. All people smile when they're happy and (6)_______ their eyes wide when they are surprised. (7)______ body language is different in different countries.
         (8)_________, when native English speakers talk, they stand quite close. Ask a friend to stand near you, and hold out your arms. (9)__________ your fingers just touch the person's shoulder, you're at the (10)_______ that English speakers find comfortable.


1. A. indeed                 B. though                 C. however                   D. therefore
2. A. called                   B. known                 C. defined                      D. regarded
3. A. way                     B. action                   C. mode                        D. style
4. A. not                      B. without                 C. no                             D. but not
5. A. similar                 B. familiar                  C. equal                        D. same
6. A. widen                  B. broaden               C. hold                           D. open
7. A. Others                 B. Other                   C. The other                   D. The others
8. A. Such as               B. For example         C. Let's say                    D. That is
9. A. When                  B. As                         C. If                                D. As far as
10. A. distance            B. line                       C. length                        D. path


1. D               2. C                 3. A                 4. B                 5. D

6. D               7. B                 8. D                 9. C                 10. A 


1. C               2. A                 3. C                 4. B                 5. D

6. D               7. B                 8. B                 9. A                 10. C 


1. C               2. A                 3. A                 4. B                 5. D

6. D               7. B                 8. B                 9. C                 10. A 


1. C               2. C                 3. A                 4. B                 5. D

6. D               7. A                 8. B                 9. C                 10. B 

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Đáp án:C
Lời giải:

1. however          2. called              3. way                  4. without            5. same

6. open                7. Other              8. For example     9. If                      10. distance 

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