Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:

         Before the (1)__________ of the postage stamp, it was difficult to send a letter to (2)_________ country. The sender paid for the letter to travel in his or her own country. Then the person in another country paid (3)_________ that part of the trip. If a letter crossed several (4)___________ , the problem was worse.
         Rowland Hill, a British teacher, had the idea of a postage stamp with glue on the back. The British post office made the first (5)__________ in 1840. They were the Penny Black and the Twopence Blue. A person bought a stamp and put it on a letter. The post office (6)__________ the letter. When people (7)_______ letters, they didn’t have to pay anything. The letters were paid. Postage stamps became universal in Great Britain immediately. Other countries started making their postage stamps very quickly. Today post offices in every country sell beautiful stamps. (8)_________ stamps is one of the cheapest hobbies in the world, and every stamp (9)________ knows (10)_________ the Penny Black and the Twopence Blue.


1. A. invention                B. arrival                   C. transmission                D. delivery
2. A. other                      B. the other              C. another                        D. others
3. A. to                           B. for                         C. with                              D. about
4. A. cities                      B. post offices            C. people                         D. countries
5. A. envelopes              B. parcels                  C. stamps                         D. postcards
6. A. transmitted            B. delivered               C. subscribed                   D. received
7. A. sent                       B. faxed                     C. delivered                     D. received
8. A. Delivering               B. Collecting              C. Selling                          D. Buying
9. A. collecting                B. collector                C. collection                      D. collected
10. A. about                   B. of                          C. on                                 D. to



1. A                2. C                      3. A                         4. C                    5. D

6. B                7. D                      8. D                         9. B                    10. C


1. A                2. D                      3. A                         4. D                     5. C

6. B                7. D                      8. D                         9. C                    10. B


1. A                2. C                      3. B                         4. D                    5. C

6. B                7. D                      8. B                         9. B                    10. A


1. A                2. C                      3. A                         4. C                    5. D

6. A                7. D                      8. B                         9. B                    10. A

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Đáp án:C
Lời giải:

1. invention          2. another            3. for               4. countries            5. stamps

6. delivered          7. received          8. Collecting    9. collector             10. about

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