Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank:

      Australia Day, which is a (1)__________ public holiday, is celebrated on January 26th, in the middle of the Australian summer. It commemorates the (2)________ of Sydney in 1788.

      Australia Day is a family day and many families go (3)________ for a picnic. Some people go to the beach, where they go surfing or sunbathe, but the residents of Sydney head for The Rocks, the oldest part of Sydney and the site of the first colonial settlement. The Rocks, which overlooks Sydney Harbour, is (4)_______ on this day. Parades with brass bands march through the narrow streets and hundreds of small boats take (5)____ in races in the harbour.

      Wherever people go, it is customary (6)________ a barbecue and drink beer. The (7)_______ food is "pavlova", a sweet cake made of meringue with fruit on the top and "damper", a bread made of flour, water and sugar, cooked in the fire.

     The (8)__________ in Sydney ends with a huge firework display. The yellows, blues and greens light up the night (9)________ and fall like shooting stars into the water (10)__________ .


1. A. national                 B. beautiful                   C. local                    D. rural
2. A. victory                   B. foundation                C. discovery             D. liberation
3. A. on                         B. of                              C. out                      D. along
4. A. packed                  B. packing                     C. to be packed       D. to pack
5. A. part                       B. space                        C. time                    D. way
6. A. having                   B. to have                     C. had                     D. have
7. A. old                         B. good                         C. rare                    D. traditional
8. A. tradition                 B. day                           C. festival               D. holiday
9. A. star                        B. sky                            C. moon                 D. sun
10. A. below                   B. under                        C. beneath            D. above




1. A                2. B                      3. C                        4. A                    5. A

6. B                7. D                      8. C                        9. B                    10. A


1. A                2. B                      3. C                        4. B                    5. B

6. B                7. D                      8. D                        9. A                    10. A


1. D                2. A                      3. C                        4. A                    5. A

6. B                7. D                      8. D                        9. A                    10. B


1. A                2. B                      3. C                        4. B                    5. B

6. A                7. C                      8. D                        9. A                    10. B

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Đáp án:A
Lời giải:

1. national           2. foundation          3. out               4. packed           5. part

6. to have            7. traditional          8. festival         9. sky                10. below

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